Russian Jet ‘Buzzed’ US Spy Plane in Black Sea

US Complains Flight Was 'Provocative'

US officials are complaining that a Russian fighter jet “buzzed” a Navy P-8 spy plane operating in the Black Sea, in international airspace, declaring it a “provocation” by the Russians.

“Buzzed” appears to be an overstatement, as the two planes were never within less than 50 feet of one another.. Rather, US officials are mad that the Russian Su-30 jet engaged its afterburner, causing “violent turbulence” for the Americans.

The incident apparently happened on Saturday but was not reported until Tuesday. Retired Russian Deputy Air Force Commander Nikolay Antoshkin shrugged off US complaints saying, the incident was handled as expected.

Antoshkin noted that the Black Sea is an enclosed sea, saying the US “has no business” conducting surveillance operations within it. He said the Russian plane simply identified the spy plane and indicated it needed to leave the area.

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