Report: Trump Revealed Israeli Operation in Syria to Russian Envoy

President Wanted to Tip Russia Off Over ISIS Laptop Plot

A new report from Vanity Fair has emerged this week regarding a scandal from over six months ago. This was related to President Trump having “leaked” details about Israeli anti-ISIS operations to the Russian ambassador.

President Trump and Ambassador Kislyak

Back in May, it was alleged Trump had provided them intelligence related to an ISIS laptop bomb plot, inadvertently uncovering the Israeli operation inside Syria that secured the information. Conflicting reports said Jordan was actually the source.

Vanity Fair says they believe to have reconstructed what happened, an Israeli operation jointly launched by special forces and Mossad, which infiltrated an ISIS cell, and passed the intelligence gathered on to Trump.

The Israeli operation took place way back in January, and the “leak” to Russia was spun by many as proof Trump was irresponsible with classified data, and risked intelligence-sharing with Israel. This narrative, however, all rested on the assumption that Russia would undermine Israeli intelligence sources inside ISIS, which was unlikely to be the case.

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