Compromise Bill Would Require Trump Submit North Korea Strategy

Bill Would Seek Updated Strategy Annually

The compromise version of the US military spending bill includes a clause that would require President Trump to submit the details of his North Korea strategy to Congress, and provide annual updates to that strategy.

This would be a substantial change, President Trump has repeatedly threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, but other officials have suggested a broad set of diplomatic efforts are also being tried.

So far, Trump’s official stance on what his plans are is “we’ll see,” and his long-standing preference to not make public his military policy suggests he won’t be too happy with having to offer Congress an accounting of where the US stands.

With many in Congress interested in advancing bills that would make it clear Congress has never authorized an attack on North Korea, they are likely very interested in seeing how serious the possibility is that Trump is going to order such an attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of