Trump Endorses Saudi Crackdown to ‘Neutralize Iran’

Trump Has 'Great Confidence' in Saudi Royals

With attention turning to the soaring purge in Saudi Arabia, with at least 10 princes and a number of other royals arrested, President Trump has gone on the record as supporting the effort, saying he has “great confidence” in the Saudi king and crown prince, and believes they “know exactly what they are doing.”

It’s unlikely that President Trump views himself as particularly committed to members of the Saudi royal family cracking down on other members of the Saudi royal family. Rather, he’s seen Saudi Arabia’s government as integral to his anti-Iran efforts.

The Trump Administration has long presented the Saudis as key to “neutralizing Iran” across the Middle East, and perennial Saudi hostility toward Iran has made the kingdom only too willing to back that idea.

To that end, it’s unsurprising that the Trump Administration is fine wit the Saudi crackdown, as anything that ensures the survival of the current government, with its bellicose position toward Iran, is doubtless to be fine with them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of