Israel Tear-Gasses Worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque, 113 Injured

Israel Lifts Security Measures, But Attacks Returning Crowds

Israel expanded their easing of the security imposed around the al-Aqsa mosque, removing surveillance cameras just days after taking out the metal detectors. This saw a return of celebrating Palestinian worshipers to the mosque, one of the holiest in Islam.

But because nothing can ever go smoothly in the occupied territories, Israeli police responded to the crowds of worshipers by immediately attacking them, throwing stun grenades into the crowds and releasing tear gas, and confiscating any Palestinian flags people had on them.

At least 113 Palestinians were reported injured in the incident, a toll that’s likely to rise. Israel forces also cut power to the Qibli Mosque, a building on the al-Aqsa site, to try to force Palestinians to flee from the area.

Media on site reported that the worshipers by and large were prevented from entering the mosque at all, and that those who managed to reach the compound were met by rubber bullets and stun grenades. The buildings also had tear gas released in them, except for Qibli, which was barricaded by worshipers, and has led to an Israeli siege of the site.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of