House Seeks Prosecution of Erdogan Security as Condition for Arms Sales

Says State Dept. Needs to Take 'Extraordinary Steps' Against Turkey

Continued tensions over the May 16 brawl in Washington D.C. in which Turkish security forces attacked demonstrators has fueled a new resolution in the House, sponsored by Rep. Dave Trott (R – MI), aiming to condition arms sales to the Turkish government on prosecution of those forces.

The brawl between Turkish forces and protesters have raised tensions between the US and Turkey since the Erdogan visit, with Turkey complaining that the US shouldn’t have allowed public protests in the first place, and many in the Congress saying it was unacceptable.

The House resolution appears to be mostly symbolic, pressuring the State Department to do something regarding cooperation with the prosecution efforts before the sale is formally announced. The resolution notes that other NATO states have had to take “extraordinary steps” related to Turkey lately, and says the State Department should do the same.

It’s entirely possible, though, that the State Department may choose to ignore this, though Erdogan has been reacting with unrestrained fury at every perceived criticism from abroad, and is likely to get riled by this move as well, particularly since he’s maintained the US protesters were “Kurdish terrorists” and deserved a beating.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of