Poland Wants Trump Vow of Ongoing Protection From Russia

Seeks Assurances US, NATO Troops Will Stay

Officially, Poland is seeking protection from “Russian activities” for so long as Russia has activities. In practice, the government’s push for “assurances” from President Trump center on getting a commitment to keep US and NATO troops there permanently.

That’s been a priority for Polish governments since they joined NATO, with many envisioning a financial windfall from hosting foreign troops, and openly complaining when that didn’t immediately materialize after they joined.

Poland finally got some US and NATO troops in the past year, with the establishment of a “spearhead” force pointed at the Russian frontier, nominally to respond to any “threats” Russia might make. Polish officials clearly see the risk of losing the foreign deployments if calm is restored.

That gives them a big incentive to play up the myth of the imminent Russian invasion of Eastern Europe, and to seek deployments for as long as the Russian excuse works, which given NATO’s history, is likely to be as close to permanent as one can get.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.