Philippines Ceasefire Crumbles, Leaving Civilians Trapped in Marawi

Duterte Insists Siege Will Be Over in a Few Days

Efforts to evacuate the last few thousand civilians trapped in the southern Philippines city of Marawi proved futile today, as the four-hour ceasefire meant to provide an opening for them to get out quickly collapsed in the face of gunfire.

Marawi was captured last month by the local ISIS affiliate, and the region placed under martial law by the Duterte government, which has promised to recapture it militarily. Duterte appeared dismissive of the ceasefire’s failure, insisting he was confident they’d conquer the city within three days anyhow.

Locals are complaining, however, that a growing number of civilians are being killed in the airstrikes against the city. The Philippines government appeared to admit to the rising civilian toll, though they insisted everyone killed was the “fault” of the militants.

Duterte also appeared dismissive of the concerns about civilian deaths, unsurprising given how much killing has been going on in the country since he took office. Duterte insisted that the “fastest” way to retake the city would be to just level the entire area, killing all within, presenting anyhing short of that as restraint on his part.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of