Russia Warns US Against Carrying Out More Syria Attacks

Russia, Iran Say They Will Respond With Force to Further Aggression

The Russian government has been clear they view Thursday’s US attack on a Syrian airbase as an act of aggression against a sovereign nation, warning of “extremely serious” consequences if the US attempts to carry out any further attacks against Syria.

Russia insisted the last attack was a “flagrant violation of international law,” and that they would not tolerate the US threatening regional stability with more attacks. Russian and Iranian officials insisted that they’d considered further attacks to be crossing “red lines.”

Indeed, Russia and Iran issued a joint statement warning that they are prepared to respond with military force if the US or anyone else crosses the “red lines” with further attacks on the Assad government. Russia has also deployed a warship to the region off the course of Syria.

That’s the least of Russia’s moves, however, with officials also saying they intend to both improve Syria’s own air defenses and to bolster their own air defense forces in Syria to respond to any future incursions. The US has been cutting back on anti-ISIS strikes recently, fearing that their planes could be the target of retaliation.

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