UN: Around 200 Civilians Killed Per Month in Yemen War

Two Years in, 4,773 Civilians Dead and No End in Sight

The Saudi War in Yemen is entering its third year, and the UN human rights office has issued a new statement marking the second anniversary with figures on the massive number of civilians killed, noting that most of the civilians were killed by the Saudi coalition.

The statement put the death toll at 4,773 civilians killed in the last 24 months, meaning about 200 civilians are killed on average per month, with no sign that the conflict is any closer to resolution than it was when it began, and Saudi-backed forces in Yemen mostly spurning international efforts at a resolution.

The UN warned of “desperate shortages” in Yemen, particularly in the contested city of Taiz, which has served as one of the main frontline zones for much of the war, as fighting continues to prevent efficient deliveries of humanitarian aid.

The big near-term incident was an attack on a boatload of Somali refugees by a coalition warship and attack helicopter. The UN said 32 refugees were killed and 10 are still missing. Others have suggested the death toll was somewhat higher.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.