UN ‘Unclear’ If Accused Mosul Chemical Attack Conducted by ISIS or Iraq

12 Sickened by Exposure to Possible Blister Agent

In the course of ongoing fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul, 12 civilians were sickened by exposure to what the UN is describing as a “possible blister agent,” saying that the evidence is pointing to a possible chemical weapons attack carried out in the city.

The Red Cross similarly confirmed that the people were being treated for exposure to chemical weapons, though both UN and Red Cross officials were unclear which side launched the attacks, assuming indeed that it was a deliberate chemical attack and not just a industrial chemical release as a result of the strike.

All evidence in that regard would be for ISIS, which is known to have a nascent chemical weapons program, which it has used in both Iraq and Syria. Iraq had such a program at one point, but is believed to have long since dismantled the program.

Still, the exact same thing is true of Syria, and Western nations were keen to continue blaming Syria for chemical attacks even when the evidence pointed at ISIS, on the grounds that the UN didn’t know for sure who did it. It seems inevitable, then, that Iraq will also face a lot of scrutiny over such an incident.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.