Saudi Warplanes Destroy Yemen House, Killing Six Civilians

Attack Destroyed Home of Prominent Local Doctor

Saudi-backed forces declared victory in the Yemeni city of al-Mocha in late January, and a few days ago insisted the city was 100% under their control, with all Shi’ite forces expelled. Despite that, Saudi warplanes are continuing to bomb the city.

Local medics reported a Saudi warplane attacked and destroyed a home in Mocha on Sunday evening, badly wounding an important local doctor and killing six members of her family. The doctor, the head of an important local NGO, is in intensive care.

Medical officials confirmed the death toll, and security officials confirmed the strike. They did not offer any reason why the strike was launched in the first place, as there was no report of any fighting in the town in the lead up to the bombing.

Saudi Arabia invaded Yemen roughly two year ago, vowing to reinstall the former Hadi government in power. So far they have conquered the nation’s southern coast, but have also killed a large number of civilian bystanders, fueling growing international criticism to a war that was initially expected to be relatively quick.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of