Judge Blocks Deportations Based on Trump’s Refugee Ban

Refugees Already Approved Can't Be Kicked Out

US District Court Judge Ann Donnelly has issued an emergency stay blocking the Trump Administration from expelling anyone from the United States on the basis of the new executive order banning refugees and severely restricting visas to people from several Muslim countries.

The ruling came as the result of an ACLU petition on behalf of a pair of Iraqis who had paperwork which would normally have entitled them to enter the United States, but who landed at Kennedy Airport in New York after Trump’s executive order was signed and were immediately detained because of that.

Donnelly insisted there was “imminent danger” of causing substantial injury by removing such people from US soil, and no likely harm in blocking the implementation of this aspect of the order. The ruling ultimately means people already approved to come to the US as refugees can still come, irrespective of the ban.

The ruling does not appear to restrict the Trump Administration from implementing the order beyond the people already in the system, and assuming they simply stop issuing approvals for people to come to the US, the ruling will eventually stop mattering.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.