BBC Claims Another Trump Dossier Exists

Claims Russia Had 'More Than One Tape' From 'More Than One Date'

Two days ago, a dossier was leaked by Buzzfeed claiming Russia had substantial dirt on President-elect Donald Trump. Trump. That dossier, penned by a former MI-6 agent, claimed that among other things Russia had video recordings of Trump hosting a “golden shower party” with Russian prostitutes in the presidential suite of the Moscow Ritz-Carlton.

There are huge doubts about the reliability of the report, which was riddled with spelling errors. The BBC however appears to be tying to keep the story going, with foreign correspondent Paul Wood claiming that a second dossier exists from a second source.

The second dossier, which so far hasn’t been mentioned by anyone else, is said to contain further accusations of Russia having “audio and video” of a sexual nature about Trump, claiming “more than one tape” and “more than one date” at multiple locations.

Wood claimed to have indirectly spoken to CIA officers about it, saying that the material involved audio and video from both Moscow and St. Petersberg. The existing dossier also mentioned Trump hiring prostitutes in St. Petersberg, and having wild parties there.

Of course, there is even less information on this new dossier than the dubious one that we’ve already seen, and several British MPs were critical of the BBC for continuing to fan the flames of a story that has no real evidence backing up what are increasingly outrageous accusations.

President-elect Trump had already threatened to make Buzzfeed “suffer the consequences” for releasing the first dossier, and is also ignoring questions from both CNN and the BBC now related to the coverage of the accusations. That the BBC is the British state media outlet is liable to risk US-UK relations in the Trump Administration.

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