House Dems Push Obama for Briefing on ‘Russian Interference’ in US Election

Sen. Graham Vows to Lead Probe Into Russia

A month after the US election, efforts to hype claims of “Russian interference” continue apace in both parties, with a group of House Democrats calling for a secret classified briefing from President Obama before he leaves office on “Russian entities” and their involvement in the vote.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made claims of Russia plotting to get eventual President-elect Donald Trump elected the centerpiece of her campaign, and repeated the claim that “everybody knows” Russia was doing it so often that it’s had a life of its own, even long after the votes have been counted.

While the administration humored Clinton, insisting it was plausible that Russia might do something like that, their investigations never produced any releases of public evidence, despite several top Democrats claiming they “know” major evidence has been uncovered.

Instead of taking the lack of statements as an indication that the fishing expedition came up empty, Democratic officials have repeatedly demanded public releases, and Congressional investigations into what the Russians may have done. Russia denied their involvement, but even without evidence the story refuses to die.

Ultrahawk Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) has also promised to launch two full Senate investigations into Russia’s involvement in the election, vowing to really get tough on the Russians and make sure they “pay” for what they supposedly did.

Sen. Graham is demanding President-elect Trump back off plans for a rapprochement with Russia, and openly campaigned against Trump during the election in no small part because he saw him as insufficiently bent on picking fights with the Russians.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of