Russia, China Veto UN Call for Aleppo Ceasefire

Russia: Pause Would Just Give Rebels a Chance to Regroup

Following two weeks of major losses for the rebels in Syria’s eastern Aleppo, the UN Security Council today sought to impose a 7-day ceasefire on the city to prevent any further defeats in a government offensive, but the measure was vetoed by both Russia and China.

The proposal’s author, New Zealand, argued it was needed on humanitarian grounds, though Russia insisted the seven days would accomplish nothing but give the rebels more time to regroup, extending the fighting even further.

Russian officials further insisted that the UN resolution was ill-timed because they are in talks with the US on a rebel withdrawal from the city, though the US condemned Russia, insisting that the Russians “made up” the idea of a deal, and that they clearly don’t care about civilians.

Britain and China also traded condemnation, with Britain’s ambassador accusing China of having “long-standing, misplaced faith in a despot,” while China accused Britain of “abusing” the Security Council forum to poison the atmosphere.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of