Turkey Vows Retaliation After Three Soldiers Killed in Suspected Syrian Airstrike

Syria Offers No Comment on Reported Attack

Turkey’s military has promised military retaliation against Syria today after an overnight incident in which three Turkish soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in northern Syria. Officials say they “suspect” the airstrike was carried out by the Syrian government.

If it is confirmed to have been a Syrian airstrike, it would be the first incident of its type since Turkey invaded northern Syria in late August. Though Syria has complained the invasion is a violation of their sovereignty, so far they have shrugged it off, since Turkey is mostly focused on fighting the Kurds and ISIS.

Details on scant on the overnight incident, which took place near the ISIS city of al-Bab, with suggestions that the forces involved weren’t clear it was even an airstrike, let alone an airstrike by the Syrian military. Turkey’s Prime Minister blamed “certain people” who don’t like the anti-ISIS war, but did not say who that was.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights dismissed the airstrike claim themselves, saying that they believe the incident was an ISIS suicide bombing. ISIS claimed a suicide attack overnight against Turkish troops, but it isn’t clear if it’s the same incident.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.