Iran Commander Expects Iraq Militias to Join Syria War

Militias Had Previously Said The Same

Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander Brigadier Mohamed Ali Jafari issued a press statement today saying he expects the large Shi’ite militias fighting against ISIS in Iraq will move on to Syria to fight in support of the Assad government after the fall of Mosul.

Syria already has significant support from a number of Shi’ite militias recruited from around the region. The militias within Iraq are organized at least somewhat around a government ministry, though they largely operate independently, and their leadership is influential within Iraqi politics.

The Iraqi brigadier’s statement is likely non-controversial among the militias themselves, as they own leadership had already said as much. The militias are active west of Mosul right now, attempting to surround the city and neighboring Tal Afar.

Though the Iraqi militias are large and well-armed, they have also been a mixed blessing for the Iraqi government, which has needed their support in most major offensives, but has also had to deal with repeated human rights violations by the militias.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of