19 Killed in Fighting Between Libyan Forces, ISIS in Sirte

Officials Claim Push Against 'Last Holdouts' of ISIS

Weeks after claiming to have launched their “final push” against ISIS in the city of Sirte, the US-backed “unity government” is once again pushing against ISIS forces inside the city, claiming that they are against the “last holdouts” that remain on the ground.

19 were reported killed in today’s fighting, 10 ISIS forces and nine fighters loyal to the unity government. Officials also claimed to have destroyed three ISIS car bombers who attempted to attack them in the course of the fighting over the important oil city.

ISIS has controlled Sirte for months, and several rival factions, including multiple would-be governments, have attacked their territory around the city. Last month, however, the unity government scored a big win by getting the US to join the war backing their push against the city.

The unity government made some gains early on, but since then have repeatedly predicted imminent outright victory over the past month, and haven’t appeared to accomplish much in that time. Meanwhile, a rival government, based in Tobruk, is seizing some of their oil ports around Ras Lanuf.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.