Nusra Front: Syria Ceasefire Aims to Divide Rebels

Russia: US Must Recognize Nusra Remain Terrorists

Excluded from the Syrian ceasefire but not being attacked for at least the first seven days, the Nusra Front is angrily condemned the “conniving” US-Russia brokered ceasefire as a plot to divide the rebels and to ensure that the Syrian government remains in power.

Nusra, a long-time al-Qaeda affiliate which “rebranded” in recent months, insisted they “don’t take orders from hypocritical tyrants” and have no intention of respecting the ceasefire, saying they will continue to carry out jihad in the country.

Nusra was not a party to the February ceasefire either, and used that fact to gain considerable territory. This time, however, the US is warning their allies of “dire consequences” if they keep supporting Nusra in their expansions, even as Secretary of State John Kerry suggested joint targeting of Nusra was “possible” in the future if nobody attacks the group for at least a week.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today urged the US to recognize that Nusra remains a terrorist organization even if it is not technically al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate anymore, and to carry out joint attacks against the group as soon as possible.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of