FBI Probes Latest Hack on Clinton Campaign

Officials Assume Hack Something to Do With Russia

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s camapign, which has already spent a solid week pushing the narrative that WikiLeaks releases of DNC emails were sign of a Russian plot to influence the US election, have reported that they’ve been hacked yet again, and are again quick to blame Russia.

Despite there not being much evidence that the Russians did the first hack, and despite Guccifer 2.0-, the group who claimed the first hack so far mum on their involvement in the new one, officials are insisting that they assume it’s both the same attack, and that both are just Russia.

The FBI says it is investigating the matter, and the Washington Post is claiming that the FBI is going along with that assumption, and treating both hacks as part of the same investigation. They are also saying the FBI has a separate probe of Russia’s targeting of the Clinton campaign.

Russia has denied any involvement in the hacks, and has insisted they have no interest in manipulating the US elections. The Clinton campaign has been attempting to portray Russia as not just the culprit, but secretly behind Donald Trump’s campaign.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.