Boeing: If We Can’t Have Iran, Nobody Should

Boeing Officials Fear Rival Airbus Could Have Market to Themselves

An effort by Congressional hawks to derail a massive contract between Boeing and Iran Air to supply them with a large number of civilian airliners has fueled considerable consternation within the well-connected US aviation company, with Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg quoted as warning that if Boeing could not have the Iran Air contract “nobody should.

That’s a concern for Boeing because they only got half of the Iran Air contract, with European rival Airbus securing a roughly equal contract shortly before theirs was announced. Though the Congressional effort aims to derail the European company’s sales too, they might not be able to prevent all commercial airliners getting to Iran.

And that’s where Boeing is really freaking out, as they compete intensely with Airbus. Boeing spokesman Tim Neale insisted Congress was wrong to try to block the deal, noting that the P5+1 agreement was supposed to allow civilian airplane sales.

Neale added that Boeing is unwilling to “relinquish any competitive opportunity to Airbus,” and suggested the company’s real concern was if Airbus got into the market “and if Iran stays on the straight and narrow path and the moderates prevail politically and the market really grows in years ahead, they would have that market to themselves.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of