UK Labour Party Rebels, Corbyn Faces No-Confidence Vote

150 MPs Expected to Vote Against Corbyn as Shadow Cabinet Resigns

Yesterday’s reports of a significant number of members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet resigning were downplayed by leader Jeremy Corbyn, but have grown much worse today, with the latest reports indicating that two-thirds of the cabinet have now resigned outright, and a vote of no-confidence is imminent.

As many as 150 MPs are said to be prepared to vote against Corbyn at the vote, and officials described the situation inside a party leadership meeting today as “going wild,” with thousands of Corbyn supporters outside the meeting chanting “Blairites out.”

Labour’s split, as with everything in British politics these days, stems directly from the Brexit, with the overwhelming majority of Labour leaders opposed to the Brexit, and many accusing Corbyn of not being sufficiently vocal against the vote, or even secretly voting for it.

The party is seriously split right now, and faced with the possibility that a Scottish secession would cost them traditional allies in the Scottish National Party (SNP), relegating them to a secondary party status in the future. It’s unclear who would be the front-runner in a post-Corbyn party.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of