ISIS Car Bombings Kill at Least 96 in Baghdad

Largest Bombing Hits Sadr City Marketplace

Three major car bombings across the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, all of which have been claimed by ISIS, tore through neighborhoods in the city, killing at least 96 people and wounding 165 others, many severely. The toll is expected to rise.

The first, and largest of the bombings, took place in the Shi’ite area of Sadr City, targeting a crowded food market and killing at least 66 people. The truck was said to be loaded with fruit and vegetables to disguise the explosives within.

Two other bombings carried out in the afternoon, in the northwest Kadhimiyah neighborhood and the Jamiya neighborhood, killing 30 more people, including at least five police. The rest of the slain all appear to be civilians.

Iraqi officials downplayed the attacks, insisting they are meant to “distract” from ISIS’ recent losses in the field, which in the last month consisted of a single, sparsely populated village, which was captured earlier this week with limited fighting.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of