Iraq Again Claims Victory Over ISIS in Oft-Contested Town of Hit

Commander Predicts 'Complete Liberation of Anbar Province' in Days

Iraqi state television is once again claiming a total military victory over ISIS, and says it is in full control of the Anbar Province town of Hit, the second time they’ve made this claim in less than a month.

Hit, near Iraq’s Ayn al-Assad airbase, has been contested repeatedly throughout the ISIS war, with local Sunni tribes often clashing with ISIS, and repeated reports that ISIS was in the process of abandoning the town on their own when the offensive began.

Despite this latest claimed victory, locals say that fighting is still ongoing, though it does appear at the very least that civilians trapped within the town are finally being evacuated, weeks after Iraqi military leaflets began falling on the area.

An unnamed commander quoted in the state media report claimed ISIS had been “routed,” and that “within days, God willing, Iraqis will rejoice at the complete liberation of Anbar Province.” Apart from the virtually destroyed capital of Ramadi, ISIS still controls virtually the entire province, Iraq’s largest.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of