Syrian Rebels: Ceasefire Deal Won’t Work

Rebels Blast Deal Allowing Russia to Keep Striking ISIS

After yesterday’s ceasefire agreement on Syria, a lot of media outlets are expressing surprise that fighting is continuing today, and pointing to continued Russian airstrikes. The deal, however, does not take effect for another week.

The negativity toward the deal, and the effort to single out Russia actually are reflecting closely what the US-backed rebel factions are saying, as they insist the deal will “never work” and complain about the terms of the pact.

Rebels expressed particular annoyance that Russia is allowed to continue its air campaign at all, even with the deal limiting them to airstrikes against ISIS and al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front. It would’ve been unthinkable, however, for the ceasefire deal to oblige an end to attacks on ISIS.

Analysts are noting that there are a lot of questions about how the deal is structured, but as the first serious attempt to end the protracted Syrian Civil War, it is in somewhat uncharted territory. With many of the rebels still irked by the notion of a peace deal that doesn’t include unilaterally installing them as the new government, it’s unsurprising they aren’t totally on board.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of