Europol Claims ISIS Has Training Camps Across the EU

Warns Public to Expect More Attacks, Especially in France

Europe’s international police agency, Europol, is claiming ISIS has set up secret training camps across the European Union, training for “special forces style” attacks against European countries, preparing them for “combat and interrogation resistance.”

The report was followed with a grim warning that people across the European Union should expect more attacks along the line of the November Paris attack, saying “there is every reason to expect that ISIS, ISIS-inspired terrorists, or another religiously inspired terrorist group” will launch such an attack “somewhere in Europe, but particularly in France.” France is estimated to have produced by far the most ISIS fighters of any EU member nation.

The expectation is that, despite training for potential combat, ISIS would be likely to try to attack “soft targets” with minimal security in the hopes of inflicting large casualties, like the Paris attacks did.

Europol did not single out which EU countries they thought had existing ISIS bases, but did mention the Balkans in particular as an area with a significant number of such sites, hyping a new “information hub” meant to allow them to better ferret out the groups before they attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of