Pentagon Admits to Killing More Civilians in Syria Strikes

CENTCOM: Civilian Deaths Actually ISIS' Fault

Though initial reports suggested that the Pentagon was going to offer a more significant number of admissions of civilian casualties in their airstrikes against ISIS, today the Pentagon only admitted to two more civilians killed, both Syrians, in a pair of strikes against Raqqa in July.

The strikes on July 4 and 17, according to the Pentagon statement, killed two civilians and wounded four others. Centcom spokesman Col. Patrick Ryder insisted that ISIS was to blame for the deaths because they operate in “populated areas.”

Col. Ryder said the current assessment is that the US strikes against ISIS have “likely” killed 16 people. This is dramatically fewer than the number reported by various human rights groups and other observers, who have put the probable civilian death toll in the hundreds.

In addition to the CENTCOM toll, the Pentagon has confirmed two different incidents this month alone, both against Mosul, and both of which killed a number of civilians. In each case the Pentagon bragged that the civilians killed were an “acceptable” number, and far fewer than if they’d launched those attacks at different times of day.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of