Australia Spurns US Call for More Troops for ISIS War

Offers Increased Humanitarian Support in Area

Pressed by the US to send more military assets to the Middle East for the ISIS war, Australia has declined, telling the US that they believe their contributions are already “substantial” and sufficient.

The Australian government issued a statement saying that they informed US Defense Secretary Ash Carter that existing contributions would continue, that they still intend to follow through on planned additional troops at the coalition command headquarters, and are open to significant new humanitarian operations in the area.

Australia was reportedly one of about 40 nations approached recently by the US and pressed to pony up more forces for the war, Given the recent lack of announcements of escalations by anyone but the US themselves, it seems they are finding few takers.

Former Australian DM Kevin Andrews was harshly critical of the current government for declining the request, saying he believes Australia should accept any “reasonable request” made by the US, and that everyone knew requests for boots on the ground were coming.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of