US Soldier Killed, Over a Dozen Others ‘Trapped’ in Afghan Fighting

Helicopter Badly Damaged When Hit by Mortar Fire

At least one US special forces soldier was killed today, and two others wounded as fighting picked up in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. The troops are said to be deployed around the town of Marjah, and accompanying Afghan forces.

The casualties came on the outskirts of Marjah, and a medevac helicopter sent in to rescue them was also badly damaged when it landed and was hit by mortar fire. Officials say that the crew of the helicopter was safely evacuated by a rescue team.

It’s more than just a one-off incident, apparently, as Pentagon officials reported that more than a dozen other US special operations soldiers are “trapped” in Marjah, pinned down by hostile fire and forced to take cover in a building inside the town.

The remaining troops were sent in to guard what was left of the damaged helicopter, but were quickly surrounded by the Taliban. Officials say that they will be rescued tomorrow with an AC-130 gunship, but that they are waiting out the night and will send rescue forces in the daytime.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of