ISIS Attacks Iraqi Kurdish Base, Killing Seven

Several Turkish Troops Injured in Nineveh Attack

ISIS appears to be launching a counterattack against Kurdish Peshmerga forces in northwestern Iraq today, hoping to reverse previous gains. This had them launching rocket strikes against a Kurdish base in the Nineveh Province.

The strikes pounded a base which has been the site of no small debate in Iraq, as it is the site where Turkish ground troops are stationed, who entered the country to train Kurdish Peshmerga over the objections of the Baghdad government.

Reports out of the base say that the strikes killed seven Kurdish fighters and wounded four Turkish soldiers, all of whom were evacuated back across the border into Sirnak Province. These were the first Turkish military casualties of the Iraq operation.

Turkey had previously ruled out withdrawing the troops from Iraq, despite calls from the prime minister to do so. The US has also chimed in on the situation today, saying they want Turkey to remove all “unauthorized” forces from Iraq.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of