Russia, France Agree to Increased Cooperation Against ISIS

Hollande, Putin Agree on Increased Intel Sharing

Following French President Francois Hollande’s high-profile meeting with Vladimir Putin, Russia and France have announced they will engage in increased cooperation against ISIS inside Syria, and will increase intelligence sharing on potential targets.

Since the ISIS attacks in Paris, France has been pushing for increased cooperation between the US-led coalition they are part of and Russia on the fighting, though US officials have been warning Hollande against letting cooperation on ISIS get in the way of the ongoing anti-Russia crackdown in Eastern Europe.

Still, Russia has indicated openness to working together on ISIS from the start, and Putin insists he still is, despite Turkey destroying one of their bombers earlier this week, a move which greatly increased Russia-NATO tensions.

Hollande and Putin did, however, disagree on the future of Syrian President Bashar Assad, with Hollande insisting he has to immediately leave power, and Putin insisting the post of Syrian president is entirely up to the Syrian people.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of