Powers Open to ‘Grand Coalition’ Against ISIS

Putin: Cooperation Hinges on Turkey Not Attacking Any More Planes

Fresh off his visit to the US, French President Francois Hollande continued with his efforts to build a “grand coalition” against ISIS with a visit to Russia, meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who indicated he is still very much willing to increase cooperation.

The two nations already agreed to increase bilateral intelligence sharing, and Putin insisted he is still fully willing to cooperate with the US-led coalition in fighting against ISIS, despite what he described as a “betrayal” by Turkey in attacking one of their bombers.

Putin did, however, caution that his willingness to cooperate had limits, and that any repeats of incidents like Turkey attacking and destroying their plane would severely limit their cooperation, and that Russia is comfortable continuing the ISIS war without cooperation if it has to.

Getting the US on board with the grand coalition is another matter, however. Russia has indicated its willingness for cooperation since their first started striking Syria, and it is the Obama Administration which has resisted that cooperation, insisting the US and Russian wars against ISIS are two different things.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.