Netanyahu Rejects Israeli Military Recommendations to Arm PA

Military Leadership Urges Efforts to Limit Palestinian Desperation

Faced with violence by “desperate, frustrated young people” in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military sees arming the Palestinian Authority as a key to stability. They also urge releasing a number of Palestinian prisoners to calm the situation down, expecting things to get back to normal in a couple of months.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, rejected the proposals, which go against his own publicly claimed narrative that the situation is entirely the fault of PA “incitement,” and he has ruled out any concessions to the Palestinians until they unilaterally end all unrest.

The Israeli military is making it clear they disagree with Netanyahu both on policy and assessment, and that 95% of the violence in the West Bank is the result of “lone wolf” attackers, and that there is no organization behind them. They’ve also reiterated that they believe the PA is doing everything it can to calm the situation.

The expectation of Israel’s political leadership is that more violent crackdowns will eventually beat the Palestinian into submission, with Netanyahu notably declaring recently that Israel will “live forever by the sword.” The military, however, seems to be under no such illusions, and is pushing for an effort to deescalate the situation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of