Prosecutor: Paris Attack Mastermind Confirmed Killed

Second Body at Saint-Denis Raid Identified as Aba Aoud

After a lot of speculation, a French prosecutor’s office has confirmed that the second body at yesterday’s Saint-Denis raid has been identified as Abdul-Hakim Aba Aoud, the mastermind of Friday’s attacks in Paris. The other body at the site was his cousin.

The raid on the Saint-Denis apartment led to a massive firefight, with Aba Aoud’s cousin detonating a suicide vest, and thousands of bullets being fired. This left officials struggling to identify the body that turned out to be Aba Aoud, which appears to have been accomplished using fingerprints and sole prints.

The 28-year-old Belgian was a figure of some import in ISIS, and at the time of the raid he was the target, though police also conceded they weren’t even sure if he was in France, or in Europe at all, and that he might’ve been in ISIS territory somewhere at the time.

French officials continue to launch raids today seeking more people connected to Friday’s attack, though the only surviving attacker, Saleh Abdeslam, appears to have escaped outright, after being stopped by police three times Friday evening and being let go each time. He was last seen then, headed toward Belgium.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of