Major Taliban Sweep Continues as Forces Near Key Afghan City of Ghazni

Residents Fleeing Toward Capital Amid Growing Offensive

The Taliban’s advantage in their latest offensive against the Afghan military seems to be growing, with the strategically important city of Ghazni in their sights, and clashes reported along the outskirts as Taliban forces approach from multiple directions.

Just two weeks after the Taliban capture the important northern city of Kunduz, the fall of Ghazni, in the southeast, could be a sign of a growing trend, as reports grow of the Taliban having more territory under their control than at any other time during the 14-year US occupation.

Ghazni is a smaller city than Kunduz, but arguably more important, located on the nation’s main highway, connecting the capital city of Kabul to the rest of the nation. The loss of the city would dramatically strengthen Taliban sway over the south.

Ghazni’s Deputy Governor is claiming they have the upper hand in the latest fighting, but with similar confidence preceding the fall of Kunduz locals don’t seem to be taking any chances, and many are fleeing toward Kabul, or toward other districts they believe are safer.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of