US Urges Greece to Block Russian Aid Flights to Syria

Russia Insists Policy Toward Syria Hasn't Changed

Greek officials are confirming today that they have received requests from the US government asking them to block Russian aid flights into Syria from using their airspace. The Greek government has not yet responded but says they are “considering” the matter.

US officials are said to be mad about recent Russian shipments of military aid to Syria, and believe that the move risks making the situation in the country even worse, though they also say Russia’s aid is entirely centered on helping Syria’s government fight against ISIS, who the US is also fighting.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry appeared perplexed about the sudden US anger at the shipments, noting that they have been sending similar shipments to Syria throughout the civil war, adding “we are supporting them, we were supporting them, and we will be supporting them” against ISIS.

The US has struggled to keep its message consistent on the Syria war, insisting they simultaneously want to destroy ISIS and al-Qaeda, and oust the Syrian government. All that leaves is some very small pro-US factions, who show no signs of being able to take over any real territory. Earlier in the war, US officials were more direct about wanting to maintain a stalemate in the war, and this seems to be continuing, even with direct US military involvement.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of