ISIS Executes 300 Election Commission Workers in Mosul

Slain Were Identified as 'Infidels'

New reports coming out of ISIS territory suggest that they have carried out a mass execution of 300 former employees of the Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission, with ISIS accusing them of being “infidels.” Some 50 of the slain were reported to be women.

ISIS is reportedly planning to publish a list of those executed, and one of their members, identified only as Salam, says the executions were carried out at the order of a Sharia law court, the legal system within ISIS territory.

It’s unclear why, over a year into ISIS control of Mosul, the election employees are suddenly a target, though Nineveh’s governor-in-exile Atheel Nujaifi claims ISIS has executed over 2,000 people in Mosul in the past two weeks, suggesting a major purge is ongoing.

That’s a big shift, as the hugely valuable city of Mosul was often reported as being treated with kid gloves by ISIS, aiming to keep its largest city more or less placated and putting the best public image forward they possibly could to the rest of the region.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of