Iran Spurns ‘Preposterous’ Allegations From US Group on Nuclear ‘Clean-Up’

Conventional Military Site Still in Use as Such

In the decades-long efforts to accuse Iran of a secret nuclear weapons program, the Parchin testing site has repeatedly come into focus. A conventional military site used for explosives and rocket testing, international groups have repeatedly sought IAEA access.

And the IAEA has repeatedly gotten access, visiting Parchin twice in 2005. Iran is loathe to allow too much IAEA access to conventional military sites, noting that the inspectors, not finding any nuclear research, tend to leak out details of Iran’s conventional defensive systems to the US. Still, under the terms of the P5+1 deal, Iran will be letting the IAEA in again in October.

Nothing is expected to be found, as usual, so the usual suspects, which in this case means the DC-based Institute for Science and International Security (a group which openly still refers to itself as ISIS), are claiming Iran is conducting a “clean-up” at the site, citing satellite images showing a possible bulldozer at the site, and a couple of new containers.

Iran mocked the “preposterous” allegations, saying the claims are a repetition of unfounded claims that are disproven time and again about Parchin. Others noted that Parchin is still actually in use by the Iranian military for the same conventional purposes as ever, and that it is unsurprising that there should be activity there. This is doubly so with US and Israeli officials still talking up the idea of attacking Iran.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of