Kerry Clashes With Congressional Dems Over Iran Deal

Warns Congress Must Accept Deal

In his most direct comments yet on the matter, Secretary of State John Kerry warned Congress that it really has no choice but to accept the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, because the alternative of blocking it would be a complete disaster.

“I Congress rejects this, Iran goes back to enrichment,” Kerry warned, adding “The Ayatollah will not come back to the table and the sanctions regime completely falls apart.” He further warned that it would make diplomacy by the US much more difficult, because of the fear that Congress will just overturn whatever gets negotiated.

“If we walk away, we walk away along,” Kerry added, “our partners are not going to be with us.” That seems to be the case, as several nations involved in the talks, particularly Russia and Germany, are already making major policy changes based on this deal.

Kerry went on to say that attacking Iran had never been a realistic way to stop Iran’s nuclear program, saying that knowing how to enrich uranium isn’t something that you can “bomb away” with any amount of strikes.

Kerry argued with House Democrats over the matter, with several saying they view the deal as “not legally binding” and that any future president could renege on the pact whenever they want. Though several Dems are expected to vote against the pact, along with most Republicans, it is seen as extremely unlikely they will muster enough votes to block it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of