Saudi Airstrikes Kill 45 Civilians in Northern Yemen

Houthis Launch Strikes Against Saudi Military Airport

Yemeni state media reported a flurry of Saudi airstrikes today in the Hajjah Province, slamming the Aahem marketplace and killing at least 45 civilians and wounding an unspecified number of others.

Locals confirmed the attacks but could not confirm a final death toll, saying Houthi forces had quickly moved in and blocked off the marketplace, ferrying ambulances back and forth to take the wounded to nearby hospitals.

Yemen’s Houthis and its military allies reportedly retaliate against the military airport in the southern Saudi city of Najran, reportedly destroying a tank and armored vehicle. One Saudi soldier was slain, and dozens of others were wounded.

Neither Saudi officials nor their allies in the former Hadi government addressed the attacks in Hajjah, though strikes killing massive numbers of civilians have been common throughout the Saudi war against Yemen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of