Israel Won’t Ratify Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Unless Iran Recognizes Them

US Hasn't Ratified It Either

One of the last eight states needed to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) before it comes into force, Israel has insisted that they will not ratify the agreement until Iran formally recognizes them diplomatically, since Iran would be a party to the treaty as well.

Israel and Iran are both signatories to the CTBT, but neither has actually ratified it yet. Notably, the two nations have cooperated, along with others in the region, in nuclear test detection programs related to the CTBT. The other six nations include the US, India, Pakistan, China, Egypt, and North Korea.

Israel was believed to be the most likely of the eight nations to ratify next, and it is unclear why they are suddenly bringing up Iran as a justification for not doing so. It’s particularly bizarre since Iran likewise hasn’t ratified the treaty.

Iran is seen as another nation that would be close to ratifying the CTBT, though officials for the treaty organization believe Iran is unlikely to do so until after the resolution of the present talks on the status of their civilian nuclear program.

The Obama Administration has also sought ratification of the CTBT, though they have faced Congressional opposition. Chinese ratification would likely be linked to US ratification, and Egypt to Iran and Israel’s. India, Pakistan, and North Korea are all more speculative, as they haven’t signed the pact at all.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of