Report: Yemen Houthi Rebels, US Hold Talks in Oman

Pro-Saudi Yemenis Claim Talks Are 'Indirect' Through Omani Mediators

Members of the self-proclaimed Yemeni government-in-exile say that US officials are in Oman this weekend holding talks with the Shi’ite Houthi faction, talks which the Riyadh-based exiles are not taking part in.

The reports are scant right now, as neither the US nor the Houthis have discussed the matter publicly, but the talks are said to be held in an indirect fashion, with the Omani government serving as mediators to ferry messages back and forth.

What the talks are even about is unclear, with the Yemeni officials saying they hoped it was about a UN Security Council resolution calling on the Houthis to unconditionally end resistance to them. There is also speculation the talks are related to 4-5 US citizens being held by the Houthis, who have been in control of the capital and much of the country since January.

Saudi Arabia and several other GCC nations declared war on the Houthis back in March, and have been carrying out the war, with US support, ever since. Though Oman is a GCC member, they have not participated in the war, which gives them more credibility as a mediator.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of