Biden Talks Up Sending Missiles, Other Arms to Ukraine

Accuses Russia of 'Brutal Aggression' Against Ukraine

The ceasefire in Ukraine has been holding for months now, but the Obama Administration continues to agitate for new fighting in the east, and continues to try to insinuate itself into that potential future conflict.

Vice President Joe Biden today talked up the idea of sending lethal arms, including anti-tank missiles, to the Ukrainian military, saying it was necessary because of Russia’s “brutal aggression.”

Biden went on to claim Russia was carrying out a “hyper-aggressive propaganda program” over the annexation of Crimea, which the US does not recognize. Biden added that sanctions against Russia will remain in place.

The US has provided considerable non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, and is involved in a training program there for Ukraine’s military. The Obama Administration has previously held off on sending arms for fear of being blamed for the collapse of the ceasefire, and continues to insist the eventual fall won’t be their fault.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of