Exiled Yemen Govt: No Peace Talks Unless Houthis Surrender Cities

UN Announces Peace Talks, But Will Anyone Attend?

The UN has announced a May 28 date for the start of Yemen peace talks, though Yemen’s government-in-exile, as recognized by the Saudi government, suggested it was unlikely to participate.

The Riyadh-based government, the remnants of President Hadi’s government after he resigned in January, is demanding that the Houthis who currently control Yemen surrender cities in return for participation in the talks.

Riad Yassine, the last Hadi foreign minister, insisted initially that the Houthis would have to implement all of UN Security Council Resolution 2216, which would require them to cede the entire country, but later in his comments suggested that they needed to at least get back a major city like Aden or Taiz.

The Saudis have repeatedly ruled out peace talks in the past without a full Houthi disarmament and surrender as well, suggesting the UN effort is going to be lacking in the factions who could actually end the fighting.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.