Kerry Backs Saudi War, But Will Support Humanitarian ‘Pause’

Pro-Saudi Faction Rules Out Talks With Houthi Leadership

Secretary of State John Kerry, like most US officials, has made it repeatedly clear he supports the Saudi war on Yemen, irrespective of the massive civilian death toll it is creating.

That toll is causing no end of international embarrassment though, and with Russia constantly pushing the UN Security Council to call for an end, Kerry is trying to convince the Saudis to split the difference with a “pause” in the war to allow aid shipments in.

The Saudi-backed exile “government” on Yemen spent most of the day expressing opposition to any peace talks in which any major Houthi leaders were allowed to participate. They are also urging a new international ground war to install them back in power.

The Saudi and coalition navy has been blockading Yemen’s ports, preventing most aid shipments from reaching the coast. They have also been bombing airports in northern cities to prevent cargo planes from landing.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of