At Least 32 Civilians Killed as Shells Hit Ship Fleeing South Yemen’s Aden

Witnesses Say Houthis Fired on Fleeing Ship

As Houthi fighters wrap up the battle over the key southern city of Aden, capturing the palace and the last district of the former southern capital, there is a growing civilian exodus.

The war has been displacing civilians all across Yemen, and in the port city of Aden, many are fleeing by boat. Disaster struck one of the fleeing boats, which was hit by shells apparently fired by the Houthis, killing at least 32 civilians.

Cities across Yemen are experiencing not only violence from fighting and Saudi airstrikes, but shortages of basic goods as the Saudi navy blockades the ports, and bombs airports.

Ironically, Yemen has itself long been a destination for refugees from the Horn of Africa, but with the humanitarian calamity growing, many seem to be looking to flee to those self-same African nations, hoping the situation in places like Somalia is at least marginally better.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of