Iraq Claims Hundreds of ISIS Fighters Killed in Anbar Battle

Troops Take Key Bridge in Western Ramadi

Iraqi troops are reporting that they have killed “hundreds” of ISIS fighters in the last several days of fighting in Anbar Province, and has retaken some recently lost territory from them.

The exact details are a matter of much speculation, with some commanders claiming “more than 250” were killed, and claiming thousands of Iraqi police had been able to return to Ramadi.

Despite this, it seems that Iraqi troops are still only in control of a small fraction of Ramadi, with ISIS retaining most of the city. The Iraqi troops are said to have taken a strategically important bridge in the west of Ramadi.

ISIS still controls most of the Anbar Province, to the extent it is controlled at all, while the Iraqi military controls only a bit of the far east of the province, along the road into Baghdad.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of