Houthis Surprised by Saudi Operation’s End, Claim Ceasefire ‘Close’

Saudis Talking Up 'New' Military Operation, However

Officials from Yemen’s Houthi movement expressed surprise at the Saudi Arabian government’s announcement that it is ending the current military operation in Yemen.

Abdelmalik Ijri did, however, say that the Houthis have been pushing for a ceasefire for awhile, and that the Saudi move seemed to coincide with progress made on the talks.

This might be overly optimistic, however, as Saudi officials followed up the announcement that they’re ending the operation with an announcement that they’re launching a new, differently named but seemingly identical, military operation against Yemen.

The Houthis aren’t the only ones mistaking the Saudi announcement for an end to the war, with Iranian officials, also loudly calling for a ceasefire, saying the declaration was a welcome “step forward.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.