IAEA: Iran Still Respecting Interim Nuclear Deal

Latest Monthly Report Reiterates Iran's Implementation of Pact

While a lot of the focus remains on coming to terms on a final nuclear deal with Iran, the IAEA today issued the latest in a line of monthly reports reiterating that Iran is meeting all of its obligations in the interim nuclear deal.

The interim deal was signed in late November of 2013, and went into effect on January 20. The deal limits Iran’s civilian enrichment of uranium to 3.5%, the level used at the Bushehr Power Plant, and obliges Iran to leave a number of centrifuges inactive.

Since then, the IAEA has issued reports every month confirming that Iran is doing exactly what they agreed to do. The interim deal was initially meant to only be a brief move before the final pact, but delays in getting everybody on board with the final settlement has left it in place for much longer.

The framework agreement reached in recent weeks on the final deal is the first major public progress in the talks since the interim deal, though since the framework deal remains largely secret exactly how much it differs from the interim language isn’t entirely clear.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.